On my site there are three main themes that I like to explore.


I was once asked by someone if I thought I was a lucky person. Before, I didn’t know how to answer that question, but after I was lucky enough in life to become the father of my own sweet son, I knew I would never have to second-guess that question ever again.

If life is a journey, then along that journey the only thing we can afford to carry with us is amassed wisdom and experiences. It took me a number of years to discover this, but the day I became a father that truth was crystal-clear to me.


Being a software professional, this one is pretty obvious.  From time-to-time, I’ll blog about some new technology or the latest ‘X’ or ‘Y’.  Maybe I’ll even throw in a little ‘Z’. 🙂


Even though I intend to keep a blog on this site, from time to time I also want to write about the process of writing. In particular, I comment on the rare sociological time we live in where we are surrounded by so much technology, advancing all the time at a break-neck pace, but yet we are also living in something of a renaissance era, where this confluence of all this technology breeds new and amazing ideas.  Furthermore, every individual, from programmers to marketers, are in a position to contribute to this new social forum.

For me, writing is a process to reflect and integrate some past knowledge.  Whether it’s a past project or some artifact picked up along the way. I think as the process of continuously learning and improving, it’s important to take ideas further than is typically possible in the scope of a single project.